September 28

28 Sep

Yesterday I went to an FEU training session on bogging, run by the ‘Roguishly Handsome’ William Gallagher. Of course I’ve been doing it all wrong but I am hoping that the lessons have been learned and this will be an example of my future prowess.

The first thing to do this morning was to work on She That Plays the Queen a little, having at last had it read – by Janet Locke of course – and she has made suggestions about some of the names and minor characters involved , linking them up with characters from A Thing Called Joe – hoping for and imagining – probably foolishly –  little cries of recognition from future readers.  So we have put in Fiona Cooper as one of the understudies in Jessica’s first big opportunity and Joe Tully as the piano player who helps her through the numbers.

Of course, there have also been many thoughts about H.B and that is something that needs a great deal of contemplation before it can be started. I have also discussed this with Janet who thinks it must be a musical. But our Star wanted it to be a film – a musical would be too exhausting at his age – is what he said. So I think we shall have to decide on  something to start with. Maybe a straight play – but it would lose a lot not having the chorus girls – or a radio play – more difficult to get put on, but one could use existing songs to illustrate the story. I am lucky to have so much information about H.B especially from his ‘bloggist’ and also a copy of the long speech. It should work, but I am at a loss to know where to start.

I hope this will suffice as a blog for the moment. Having nothing personal to talk about – except of course the ceiling which is being built with huge rectangles of wood – I hope they don’t fall down. That would cause a lot of damage. Will wait and trust.



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