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number 13. 2.he who dares.

30 May

Drusilla took off Mrs Grampion still clutching her can of lager. The was the sound of an aria from Aida and Mrs Pat joins the party in the waiting room
“Was that the doorbell?” she asks, Charles assures her that it probably is.
“I’d no idea it was still working, ” said Mrs Pat.and shouts, “Come in come in the door’s open”
Another knock on the door
“What’s the matter are you deaf?” cried Mrs P.
There is another burst of Aida and more knocking.
Pat went to the door and opened it.
Charles and Garth listened to the dialogue. Federick mumbled to himself some words of hate.
They heard Mrs Pat say
“Hello, my dear. How nice to see you, There is no need to knock you know. This is Liberty Hall. Come along in.
Mrs Pat joined the others accompanied by the unwilling Mrs Prudhomme. Pat pushed a cat off one of the chairs
“cup of tea?.”
Mrs Prudhomme seemed shocked.
“Not at this time in the afternoon,” she said and she shook her head, not accepting the seat she was being offered..
So Charles stood up and indicated his own chair, giving her a polite little bow.
Mrs Prudhomme was still not satisfied. She looked quickly at the chair and gave the impression that it could be infected. She turned her attention to Charles and his raggedy jumper which she regarded with great disdain.
“Thank you,” she said, “i prefer to stand”
Fredrick shouted Bastards.
Mrs Pat quickly put a different…. to her speech
“Oh yes, of course, your poor shoulder. Why not sit on one of the kitchen chairs. So much better for the back”
Mrs Prudhomme was not pleased about this either.
“I did not come here to talk about my shoulder” as she mentioned, she got a bad twinge. Mrs Pat looked sympathetic.
Mrs Prudhomme continued “Is there anywhere we can talk – in private?”
Mrs Pat laughed “Why in private? We are all friends here. We have nothing to hide”
Mrs Prudhomme’s shoulder gave another twinge
“I would prefer it,” she said
Okay dokay.” said Mrs Pat, follow me and t=she led the way into the Den.
As they went off, Feredick had covered his face with the New Statesman and shouted after Mrs Prudhomme.
“Bloody Tories”
“Wouldnt be at all surprised ” retorted Charles.

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16 May

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