Tell me all about it

28 Sep

The Counsellor says “Tell me all about it”

How can I explain the turmoil that is my mind?
I can say nothing coherent,
Just go on seeking remnants of my loss.
He was me and I was him,
He was the fact of my existence.
Since he has gone my world is fiction
Veering between moods and experiences.
Nothing stable
Like walking on the rim of an earthquake
Shifting sands – nothing true.
How does one get re-rooted in fact?
How rediscover the balance in life?

In the gym you can stand on a wobble board
Dipping forwards, backwards left or right
Its conquest allows you to cross
uneven, treacherous land without falling
But a hole hidden by tarpaulin
made me crash to the ground.
outside the hospital

I can withstand the ups and downs of life
wobbles from front to back and side to side
But not the trip that was my downfall
Outside the Royal Free
Nor the death of the person
the one that used to be me.

.ALINE WAITES March 24th 2006
updated September 2016

One Response to “Tell me all about it”

  1. susanrdo September 28, 2016 at 10:36 pm #

    Tell Me about It is wonderful and rings so true. Sometimes I really feel like a ship without my rudder! Never goes away the miss of someone you loved so much and still love. Love to you my friend!


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