A THING CALLED JOE by Aline Waites

27 Sep

An often  humorous, highly unusual love story combining laughter, betrayal, despair and death. Everything in fact that makes life worth living.

Joe Tully, indomitable and a staunch individualist, has spent an adventurous and somewhat hectic life around the world as a professional musician, accompanying vocalists both classical and jazz. Now he is seventy-five and had found himself back in London and pushed into sheltered accommodation by his unsympathetic son-in-law. He spends his time smoking pot, swearing at his cat and reluctantly getting to grips with modern technology. A chance encounter with an old friend recalls the turbulent romances o his youth in swinging London and  he is forced to confront and perhaps understand the events responsible for his current situation.

A Thing Called Joe explores our hero’s heady past and his hopeful present.

Available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com



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