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9 Jan

LEXICON – nofitstate
at the Round House ****
a circus without animals
Described as “A World inhabited by misfits. A world of Magic, Music and Laugher, where the impossible becomes possible.”
It all begins with the music. Scattered sounds from the four musicians with, brass and woodwind instruments (compete with a euphonium).
The fifteen performers begin as children sitting at their school desks, where everything is regulated and boring. Gradually someone throws open their desk, and throws torn-up papers everybody enjoys, copies and misbehaves – there is a storm of white paper.

They are full of excitement just as if they are running away to join a circus!
This is truly an ensemble company who trust each other, put their lives in each others’ hands as they climb to the sky and tumble to the ground, just avoiding inevitable death, as they do impossible conjuring tricks on a tightrope, or even on a slack rope like which is even more dangerous.
Imagine, trying to get completely undressed down to your underwear, and then dress yourself in formal DJ atrtire, all whilst riding on a unicycle. The trousers present much difficulty and much hilarity. I had a problem this morning getting into tight jeans, when sitting on a non moving chair.
On of my favourites was, the guy in a kilt who walks on a big green ball and messes about with his clarinet with perfect comedy timing.
Also the man who fools around with fire, accidentally setting light to his own shirt, all his fellow performers and everything else but managing to dowse all the flames until he finishes by juggling with multiple blazing sticks.
The Round House is a perfect venue for them. With its strength and stability It can support high standing towers and suspended metal rings suspended from the ceiling and they make good use of them. Very frightening when one swing on a trapeze right over the head of the audience.
The music and the singing is wonderfully apt and the
whole show is excellently thought out and worked by the direction team along with the performers. There are no stars – only each one of them. All achieving the impossible with humour and incredible good spirits.
If you need to see a circus with Magic, Music and Laughter, this is something special.
Lexicon is a great evening out.