musing (not amusing)

7 Dec

Answering Kate Berwick’s post. I love this. I would love to be a painter and it’s true. Items and expressive details come and go. I have watched a friend paint a perfect nude and then day after day change it slowly into a vile monster. It has created sadness in me, but then I realise how much I edit everything I write. Recently, during the lockdown, I have been doing online conversations with my friend Andrew Eborn and it’s the same thing. We start off talking on. Specific subject and cover so many other details in the hour or so we spend doing it. Life is not just one subject, thank the Lord, but many. I am happy to see that nowadays, people are packing in so many different experiences in life. People who don’t have football matches etc to go to and talk about are forced to find other interests…aren’t they?I want to say It is sometimes difficult to enjoy everything but even if is not wonderful at the time it is still an experience …to be talked about? Life is a gift, we are learning. We should appreciate every minute

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