Andrew Eborn Show

5 Dec

ANDREW EBORN SHOW ON STELLATV This show has only been on for a week but I think it has great potential.

Of course, the show is only as good as its host and Andrew is one of the best interviewers in the business. He has huge warmth, a ridiculous amount of energy, lively intelligence and a great love of people.

He manages to keep calm and smile whatever happens and laughs a lot at his funniest guest the slightly mad woman Mary Martin. I thought at first, we were going to see Larry Hagman’s mum., but this Mary Martin is voluptuous, dark-haired and Spanish looking and she calls herself a Creative. That’s good, I don’t know how else to describe her. She created right there in the Studio a kind of shawl out of velvet which she carefully measured by stretching it across her majestic boobs. She then produced a length of lacy stuff with fringes and she tacked it onto the velvet, whilst imagining questions coming from an anonymous audience, “You pin it on” (what?) “Oh, you’ll need pins” (why?) “To pin it on.” She went behind a screen and vanished completely, leaving Andrew to fill in with a merry quip, difficult because he was practically on the floor laughing. Anyway, she arrived after a while saying – predictably “Here’s one I made earlier”

Andrew had gathered a selection of varied guests. A man called Jules came on to inform us that somebody called Adolph Hitler had won an election. No surprise to the Mail Readers who had the news on its front page. They discussed TV shows. Dancing on Ice, they mentioned the weather Andrew remarked that it was so cold that Strippers had started describing themselves.

The interesting thing about Andrew’s technique is that he works as if there was an audience there. I really felt he was talking to me. A special technique that is obviously not something shared by all of his guests. I found it very flattering, he’s doing this for me!!!

I missed a lot of the next item which was from Alec Sykes. He was talking about his podcast Stars, Cars and Guitars – he describes it as a sort of Rock and Roll version of “The Last of the Summer Wine”. Sounds like fun. Would like to know how to see it.

Jody Western added a little blondness to the business. I think she must be a Reality TV person. She has her own show called “The Dolls House” She talked about the fame that had brought her trolling people. The ones who follow her about on Facebook and Instagram in order to be unkind. If any of you have it in mind to troll, you will no longer get a result. She will just block you and then relax and listen to beautiful music.

Jane Balbec is a skin specialist from Chichester, who advocates going to bed at ten after cleansing with olive oil, washing your face and adding moisturiser. Thus saving yourself money on products, but then thinks it advisable to get in touch with a professional. She has beautiful skin.

After her came Mary Martin who I mentioned earlier and with whom I have fallen in love And finally, the lovely Andy Kyriakos arrived in the studio with his guitar and got us all singing. Andrew joined in with his own special brand of waving his hands about in time to the music.

This is a delightful hour show which has great possibilities for a happy future. It is so good to see a magazine programme with some new people. People I have not seen over and over again in lesser productions. Andrew Eborn has an eye for unusual talent and he has the charm and expertise to make it work.

Stella TV is backed by Media Powerhouse. Andrew Eborn is on every weekday morning from nine until ten following the Mike Read show.

Switch on to – Stella TV THE ANDREW EBORN SHOW Weekdays 09:00am to 10:00am GMT

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