28 Jan


Welcome to Linnie Reedman, our speaker for the February Branch meeting 

Linnie is an unusually prolific writer, director and producer. One can name about twenty of her productions without even thinking about it. 

She was working as an actress, and Drama teacher when it became obvious that directing was the thing she enjoyed most, but in order to direct her own plays to her own satisfaction, she would have to start her own company. She calls it Ruby in the Dust as she likes to discover hidden jewels or less obvious elements in well-known stories. 

Her co-producer is Joe Evans a musician and composer who provides music for the productions.  

Some of her subjects have been Jacques Brel, Bonnie and Clyde, Dorian Grey, Daisy in Gatsby, Lady Windermere, Romeo and Juliet, Titania, Fairy Queen   etc. 

Is currently casting a rock version of Dorian and writing a new play. The strange affair of Herschel Grynspan. 

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