natural duty

23 Jan

At the Vaults – theatre well named The Pit, it is as bleak and comfortless as an air raid shelter and we sit on wooden benches expecting to hear the noises of war. But into this gloom ridden venue there enters a beautiful woman in a gorgeous dress of silver and sequins singing ‘I cant give you anything but love’ a perfect beginning to the kind of act she would have done for the soldiers during the war. Into the darkness a touch of glamour which was so needed

Exquisitely beautiful, intelligent, heartbreakingly tender, and full of anger about what has happened to her native Germany. Marlene’s story is like no other. She had been picked at an audition to play Blue Angel in the film . She gives a very funny impression of her audition, singing in a small high voice ‘You’re the cream in my coffee’ Never remembering more than the first few lines and repeating them over and over again. . Nevertheless she got the part, the film was a huge success, and she was soon on her way to Hollywood and eventually she chose to become and American citizen

One Response to “natural duty”

  1. susanrdo January 26, 2018 at 6:42 pm #

    How marvelous . . .I would love to see this!! Must say how fortunate you are to be able to see and write such wonderful reviews!

    Will have to plan a trip your direction maybe fall and see you.




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