January 23rd.

23 Jan

Ok. If anyone tried to call me last evening or this morning I have tied up on both phones, literally been ‘helping the police with their enquiries’.
I had a call last night from two DCs who said they were from Hammersmith Police Station. They said my credit cards had been cloned and they told me the numbers on the cards. The call went on for about half an hour and I realised after a while that there was something strange about them. When we had a Hampstead Police Station, the guys were really friendly and chatty so I didn’t suspect anything with these except their diction was not as clear which I thought was a bit of a handicap for someone in their job. THEN –
They asked me to meet them at Charing Cross Station that night to take some Euros out of my account. Euros? I said ;You’re having a laugh and they said no, it was very important. I logged on to my bank account and found there was nothing untoward. I told them so. The told me that there was a spy at Lloyds Bank who was giving out secret information. I said there was no way I was going to go out at night. But they were very insistent – so was I. When they gave up on me they said they would call me this morning at 9.30.
So, I rang Lloyds Bank and told them all about it and they told me I should inform the met police immediately. I rang 101 and I used the mobile, keeping the bank on the land line. So I spoke to the Met and they were very interested. I told them that the guys were calling me the next morning at nine thirty and so they said there would be two police arriving at my address at nine o’clock. We had a password. Very cops and robbers.! .
In the meantime I got the bank to cancel my cards and send new ones and rang them again this morning to speak to a different person in order to check that this had happened.
Two jolly policemen arrived this morning and got all the details. It was good fun and they left after 9.30 cos the bloke hadn’t rung. He did rung just after they left the house. I chatted sweetly to him for a while in order to waste his time a little. He said I really had to go to the Bank this morning. then I told him that the policemen who came were very charming. – as if he had sent them. Of course he hung up immediately. I ran out and caught the two police guys who were sitting out side in their vehicle and told them what had happened. They were disappointed that they hadn’t had a chance to talk to the scammer. They rang me again from Kentish Town police station and gave me some more private codes to use while the investigation was going on.
Anyway I have no credit cards at the moment and my account has been blocked. Luckily I have lots of food and a small amount of cash to see me through. They have promised I shall get everything sorted by Friday.
I hope they catch those men. I thought it as well to tell you about it in case you have a similar call. Apparently they do this a lot. Impersonating a police officer is a serious crime and they need to be caught.🦋


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