13 Aug


WHEN i WAS five, I was a bridesmaid at my Auntie Dot’s wedding to my favourite Uncle Len. (always known as Mick) 

I had a long white dress in velvet and a little posy of flowers round my head. It was all a load of fun until it came to the wedding breakfast. All the grownups were drinking some  

fizzy yellow stuff it looked really good to me. The glasses were different from normal wine glasses, they were wide and flat. 

I was given one of these exciting flat glasses full and it tasted like the best thing I had ever had in my life. I was told it was champagne, 

Champagne at five years old.  

It was sometime later I found out that I wasn’t drinking the same champagne as the grownups. Mine was called Lucozade. 

Now when I am indulging what my friend Roger Foss calls “My champagne lifestyle” I admit I expect it to taste of Lucozade – a bit. 

It is also why I would rather have nothing than Prosecco which has no more taste than soda water. 

I have to say Lucozade is a darn site better than prosecco 

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