21 Feb


Sky in the Pie

A circus collection of the poems of Roger McGough.

At Barnes OSO centre

A most enjoyable afternoon at the OSO Barnes provided by the enchanting childhood poems of Roger McGough and the actors in the Circus Company The Feathers of Daedalus.

It is so good to see young people able to do so many acrobatic feats, the while pronouncing McGough’s crazy poetry. The play consists of items from one day in the life of a young girl. The poems follow her from waking up in the morning, through the first day at school to going to bed at night.; All illustrated by verses and balletic movement from the six young people. The first day of school is an exciting time, and the day is illustrated by the young men i company throwing the girl around, lifting her up to the ceiling, while she expresses her excitement in verse.

We follow this with a demonstration of hurly-burly in the playground.

It is terrific entertainment both for the children who were there and the many adults. The audience was invited to join in, answer questions and occasionally join in the singing.

One of the boys in glasses was supposed to be the most successful boy in the school. He got As in all his work. Well he would, he was the son of the most important person in the school. The Headmaster – a man

with an enormously large head. He is a part puppet and he is called Mr Head.

In addition, there are pigs flying through the air, sky tumbling out of a pie, a scarecrow and a boy on a unicycle playing a bugle.

One of the most fascinating little scene is one regarding whether verses should rhyme or not.

The audience were asked to judge- hands up those who want the poems to rhyme, Hands up those who don’t want them to rhyme and hands up those who couldn’t care less..

The material is mostly funny, except for one story about Raymond the puppet boy, bullied by all the other children. Raymond left school that day and never returned. This was truly sad.

Once there were animals in circuses. They had no choice. Now actors are learning to swing on trapezes, swing around in giant hoops, somersault across the stage. Balance each other on their heads or shoulders. They obviously enjoy every minute

It says it is for children of 4 plus. There was a tiny one in front of us having a wonderful time and answering back to the actors. An ideal patron of the theatre.

I was sorry there was no programme as I would have liked to know who the performers were. They were a talented bunch of people.

The play is on until 22nd February at 2 pm.

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