14 Jan

Good News
The Broadway veteran of shows like ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ and TV comedies like ‘Friends’ returns to the Coqs for a whole week with his “jaw dropping , critically acclaimed” special brand of improvised solo performances and introducing special guests each night, including an appearance from Ruth Bratt, actress and singer from ‘Show Stoppers’, the improvisation company. With him are his cheery, intrepid and totally unshakeable musicians:- namely John Thorn on keyboards, Jonny Gee on Bass and the Sophie Alloway on drums all ready to up and take off any way he decides to go.
Jason has great humour, is witty of speech, and an irrepressible sense of fun. He creates a warm relationship with an audience, has a voice that rivals any in musical theatre and jazz, and a very special something that only an artist with his unusual talent could achieve.
The audience are each given a form to fill in. No, not like the ones you have to do several tiems a day on your phone or computer. These are questions like. ‘name Three nice words’ ‘what you love to eat’ ‘your favourite town’ etc. My answer to the nice words was ‘Health, Beauty and Love’ and was amazed to hear him turn these words into a song.
The guest artist last evening was Ruth Bratt who came on first, along with the orchestra, announced herself, and talked to the audience asking people their names, where they came from etc. began by asking people for names and places Last night it was Matthew, Delivery and Tulsa… So she announced the appearance of that famous cabaret performer ‘Matthew Delivery’ all the way from Tulsa, Later on the two of them worked beautifully on some sublime duets in improvised songs.
Using the answers given by the audience last night Matthew Delivery was working at a Wetsock factory in Tulsa, went on a journey by Lifeboat to the Taj Mahal and finished up in his favourite town…Grimsby. A whole life story is conjured up in perfect song style and all ‘off the top’ of his head.
The Crazy Coqs elegant room in the heart of Piccadilly is the perfect cabaret venue for witty comedy, good natured idiocy and terrific singing. Jason Kravits is the master of all.

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