1 Dec



My friend John Heawood used to say.
“I know nothing about God except that She’s black”
At the Vaults she isn’t black but is quite definitely female. A woman of wit. A kind of Heavenly Dorothy Parker. Fed up of the ten commandments, she has decided to make new ones more appropriate to today’s politics. The result is ninety minutes of hilarity.
Zoe Lyons in white silken pyjamas is God, flanked by her two senior angels Michael played by Matt Telford, blonde and very sensitive and the rather more authoritative and practically naked figure of Gabriel is personised by Tom Bowen.
Gabriel’s task is to read out God’s reconstructed commandments and put remarks and his reactions (mainly Fuck Off) on the two massive blackboards that flank the luxuriously draped bed on the stage.
God, in this production speaks mainly in witty one liners ‘The people who call out My name on Sunday morning aren’t as fun as the ones who call it out on Saturday night’ and ‘I just don’t seem to like Arsenal’
Some of them perfectly topical
‘In an ideal scenario the President of the United States and the worst human being in the World would be two different people’
But as she knows, because she is all knowing and all creating, there seems to be nothing anyone can do about it, except write comedies.
.The cunning words come frippingly to her tongue as she casually turns water into wine and creates other feats of magic.
The author is David Javerbaum of The Late Show and directed by “the naughty boy of musical theatre” Benji Sperring – so much hiS kind of thing.

If you are in a blasphemic frame of mind – or even if you aren’t but do;’t mind making fun of the facts of life, this is a play for you.

This is my positive favourite “Church of England Formally approves Female Bishops” Congratulations, British woman you can now move diagonally.

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