How to find Happiness (July 2nd 2019)

2 Jul

Samantha Hannah How to find Happiness in a year

Last year – when he father was desperately ill, he announced that if he could see his daughter settled he would die happy. She was pushing thirties, and she discovered that the average age to marry was 26 and she’d missed it. Nevertheless, undaunted, she set off ‘How to find a husband in a year’ and her adventures filled fifty minutes full of humour as she made a world wide tour including the antipodes and related her experiences with the cobbers there. Eventually she found her soul mate while she was in New Zealand – a native New Zealander who was not actually there, but was living in London and they continued their relationship on line until she eventually arrived back in the UK. 
Toby is still with her and visits all her shows.
He was there when I went to the Vauxhall Comedy Club see her Work in Progress ready for her appearance this year in Edinburgh. This year she has named her set ‘How to find Happiness in a year’ with a close examination of how others had succeeded – or failed – in the attempt. She has explored the subject closely with hilarious results. 
I hope she will forgive me if I quote – or misquote her.
“They say’ Happiness is not in the arrival, but in the Journey’. Obviously from someone who had never travelled
on Ryan Air.”
She is to present her finished show at the Vauxhall Comedy Club on 30th July before her next Edinburgh adventure.

Laughing Horse and Cabaret, Voltaire Main Room
August 1 – 25 at 12.01

Aline Waites

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