21 Nov

writers tell us there have been other scifi musicals, but with the possible exemption of ‘Return to the forbidden Planet’ which uses existing songs, they have not been wildly successful. However they have decided on using the fans of a convention rather than take us into outer space with its congregation of Daleks and Cyberpeople. This makes the play a little confusing at first because some of the people are dressed up and others are in Tshirts and they seem to keep changing. This is in fact just the opening of the show and I would have preferred to make it clearer. What these people are simply Fans of a TV programme based on a SciFi comic starring Supergirl IRIS. The organiser of the convention is Trix, played by Suanne Braun a vibrant redhead with a big stage presence and a very melodious mezzo voice. She has secured the services of the famous and wonderful Scott Furnish, the author of the series, is determined that no nasty press people should infilrate the convention and has warned the company to look out for journalists and get them ejected. The fans all wear t shits emblazened with the names of the show except for one of them, a very pretty girl Andra, played by Sophie Powles (known to many for her appearances in Emmerdale) She is an obsessive fan of Iris and tries to act like her and dresses in the same kind of gear. /Craig (Tim Rogers) an undercover press man has infiltrated e convention in spite of the danger of ejection. He is personable and has a pleasant voice and Andra falls in love with him immediately without realising he is the enemy much to the displeasure of her boyfriend Baxter.However, at the end of Act One Scott Furnish appears and suddenly the show picks up. He is played by Stephen Frost who brings anger and passion into the show and Act Two is a different thing altogether. Here the show has a real plot and lots of good songs and interesting stories. It doesn’t seem like the same play as a plot develops which does not any longer rely on the amorous adventures of Andra and Craig. This act, in itself, is worth a rave review and it is such a shame that the first act may have diminished the interest.I believe it is still work in progress and I have faith in the people responsible to know where their strengths are and act accordingly.Terrific applause on getting this far. Will probably turn out to be a real winner.

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