thriller gala 4000 performance.

14 Sep

For the Prince’s Trust

To borrow a line from Sweet Charity
“All I can say is WOW”
And certainly, this show is the most Wow making production ever.
It has been running for four thousand performances.
What I find most thrilling about this show, is that it seems to get better every thousandth performance, or may it is just that I forget in between celebrations how good a show it is
This special performance in aid of the Princes Trust starred Peter Andre a true Jackson fan, who sang a heartfelt version of “She’s Out of my Life” and “Man in the Mirror” for which he received a standing ovation and later also joined in several numbers with the dancers as easily as if he had been part of the show forever.
It is spectacle upon spectacle. The dancing is incredible with director Gary Lloyd’s unforgettable and innovative choreography. How he can get all those people on stage doing choreography to every number and never repeating himself in any of them. So often some of the dancers will do unbelievably impossible athletic moves. “Can you feel it?” They sing at the end of Act One. The whole audience certainly could.
The leading female soloist is the very beautiful Vivienne Ekwulugo. At the beginning she is dressed in a golden skin tight costume which shows every inch of her magnificent body, she looks like a Goddess and her voice is sent from heaven.
It is impossible to name the whole cast. Two shining examples are Haydon Eshun and David Julien both exceptional singers. Hayden who has been singing professionally from the age of nine was recently named as the most talented male vocalist in the UK..
Special mentions need to go to Xhanti Mbonzongwana who plays the young Michael of The Jackson
Five, and Kieran Alleyn, the epitome of Jackson himself who sings with Xhanti in “Billie Jean” Kieran .was the very first ‘Young Michael’ in 2009
What is so attractive about this show is the racial diversity . I was particularly impressed by a blonde girl who has a great talent for comedy. Leona Lawrenson.
But there is so much huge talent on that stage, so much spectacle, so many incredibly attractive costumes by the Shooting Flowers creative team. We feel almost smothered in a surfeit of sequins.
The set is perfect for the style of the show and it was designed by Jonathan Park. Lighting and Sound is perfect and there are many special effects by the Twins FX
We leave in a wave of euphoria and look forward to Thriller number 5,000

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