25 Jul


Hey natives and visitors to High Dunedin.
If you fancy going bonkers in the afternoon in Edinburgh now’s your chance
Tim McArthur is presenting his sister the nun. Sister Mary McArthur at Frankenstein’s from August 3rd to 26th at 5 pm (no perfs Weds 8 and 15)
This is no joke – you have to be ready for rollicking to have enormous fun – Or, you could turn bonkers as soon as she orders you to stand for prayers.
Yes, you are not there to enjoy yourselves you are there to work and work you will
You have to sing, do gestures – not all of them rude – even pray with the good lady in order to receive her much sought after blessing..
As a special treat, She may have done some baking before her concert and will hand round her very special flapjacks.
With luck you will get the opportunity to sing ‘A Spoonful of sugar’ ‘Doh a deer’ and other choice selections from the repertoire of Julie Andrews. The sister has a unique way of managing chitti chitti which is a joy to all especially her bang bangs.
She is a rather talented lady and can sing very sweetly sometimes although her serious manner doesn’t last very long..
One of her guests the other night was Paddy O’Connell, the serious TV presenter and he was amazed to be in a show with a tap dancing nun, but he surrendered to the atmosphere of idiocy and was utterly charming. The good sister promises us a guest artist at every performance, it could be Elaine Page or it could be you, so be prepared.
I have been seeing Sister Mary’s shows for many years now.
Sometimes described as ‘More painful than childbirth’ and ‘the coolest nun since Whoopee Goldberg’
They are always good natured and refreshing.
A good teatime treat.

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