21 May

There is no doubt about it, Lorna Dallas has the most technically perfect voice ever to grace the stage of the CC, or in fact almost anywhere in London.. There aren’t a lot of them about .
Not only has she a great operatic soprano. She is able to touch the heart and show a sexy romanticism when the song demands it and she gives every single lyric the attention it deserves..
Her show is skilfully organised, she begins with a Spring medley
“Spring Will Come Again” (Bernstein, Comden and Green)and “Spring is a New Beginning,” showing off her impressively versatile vocal style and she finishes off the Spring trio with a cheeky rendering of “Spring Spring Spring” from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The Johnny Mercer lyrics and the light jaunty tune give plenty of scope for her mischievous sense of humour.
Lorna has no problem wringing one’s heart one minute and making one chuckle the next as she trips easily from moving songs to idiotic ones. She plays the little girl in “Nuts in May” – music by Ivor Novello lyric by Wodehouse and added to by her director Barry Kleinbort.
There are 24 songs and happily she has no problem name dropping so has many anecdotes about the great and funny composers and musicians.
‘April in Paris’ is beautifully rendered – a song all about tables under the trees and chestnuts in blossom, written by a man who had never been in Paris, but took his inspiration from a travel poster. She follows this up with a very funny parody ‘April in Fairbanks’ about Freezing to death among the ice and snow in Alaska
Much applause is due to her huge 5ft 3inches musical director Christopher Denny and her director  Barry Kleinbort who together are responsible for the musical arrangements.
It is an immensely enjoyable show but the thing that is most startling is the fact that she had twenty years out of the business and this is a comeback with a voice stronger and with more passion and heart than ever – even more than her last performance at the Crazy Coqs which I reckoned was the most intelligent rendering of popular music ever.
This is a performance that I feel privileged to witness. I believe the delighted audiences feel the same.

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