28 Feb

BIDDIE -James Biddlecomb – at the Pheasantry
There is nothing more happiness inducing than a table in a beautiful restaurant having good food and being entertained by a stylish, sophisticated and, dare I say, handsome singer.
It is with great delight and pleasure to see Biddie at the this lovely Chelsea venue run by Ruth Leon, also well known for hosting the Crazy Coqs in Piccadilly.
The singer’s versatile vocal chords are a legend. I remember his work with Opera Della Luna and his cabaret act with Eve Ferret, both of whom had disappeared from the cabaret scene until just recently. But they have returned and no wonder, Cabaret is such a big deal now and he and the gorgeous Eve are storming the scene once again with their own stylish performances.
Much of Biddie’s wealth of songs and comedy material is written by him and his lovely musical director Chris Marshall. This is a match made in heaven as they seem to live in others minds. Necessary as Biddie likes to spring surprises on us – and him – but he is never daunted and reacts perfectly.
This performer could be a modern style belter but prefers not to be. He sings everything beautifully and interprets the numbers with as much attention to the lyrics as old style performers like Noel Coward or Marlene Dietrich.
He works the room, happy to have the audience sing along with him in songs like Le Dolce Vita and Marlene ( a parody of Jolene) His persona as a Southern Belle illustrates his versatile vocal chords coming into their own.
He renders a little sentimental in “Me and the Elephant will always remember you” and in the sweet and to me unknown Cole Porter song involving a Proud little Oyster who wants to live above his station.
The material is a mixture of daft comedy, satire and frankly rude. Some bawdiness and double entendre, some silly but poignant. All of them greeted with joy by the audience.
This is a man who has learned so much over the years, working in various cabaret joints around the world. But it is in England he is able to do his complicated verbal routines. “Old Bazaar in Cairo” and “ If I love you then I need you etc” But all can understand his “Broadband Bossanova”

His next performance at the Pheasantry is in July

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