eve ferret’s fabaret

15 Nov

Eve Ferret’s cabaret
At the Lounge Leicester Square

There is no cabaret artist in the world like Eve Ferret. Her thick red hair, bundled up on top of her head, her voluptuous body loosely swathed in a peignoir she is a true force of nature.
She has been a veteran theatrical presence since the days of Blitz “No not the wartime one. The night club” After appearing in several movies as an ideal heroine of the popular Hammer films, she took time off to deal with family matters and re-entered the cabaret scene three or four years ago,
Her accompanist is Simon Wallace, a genial chap who obviously has no idea what she is going to do next. He strikes up the overture and in she sweeps with her big warm smile, and begins to sing with her strong bluesy voice, then after a few bars, stops to say hello to the audience all of whom will become friends by the end of the evening even if they are not already.
Eve does a lot of talking with dozens of stories about her early days, the movies she was in and the stars she worked with. She makes mock of the fact that she is not always the luckiest card in the pack. She does a number where she describes herself as ‘Last Night’s Pate. Constantly reminding herself not to swear, she still does, but who cares? We will love her whatever she does. We happily join in when she requests it. and we throw around her big dolls when she asks us to.

Her songs are mostly autobiographical. Although she doesn’t believe in crying n public, all her emotions turn into songs. She can fall in love with the wrong person like everyone else ‘Congratulations’, she sings wryly, ‘You got me’. Her most passionate plea is ‘Don’t change me’ which is her outcry for indulgence and understanding. A woman must be her own person. Eve could be a great dramatic actress as well as a serious songstress
But whatever her adventures, she is still the Pimlico Belle-She lauds the area where she was born and where she has always lived. She loves her borough.

Towards the end of her set she gets some fun out of her parody of the Garland torch song ‘The Man That got Away’.
”The Night is bitter” she sings “I’ve spent the night on Twitter” as she enlarges on the hazards of the technological phenomena.
Here last number is ‘It’s not over till it’s over’

I overuse the word Wonderful, but in her case it is completely justified.

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