9 Sep

creative people want to be perfect and therefore can take criticism even if it hurts a little they will take it on board.they kn0w it is for their own good. It is just good that somebody recognises them and takes the time to talk about them. I am now talking about sincere people who mean well. Not monsters who are not creative but want to destroy whatever they can in order to aggrandise themselves.
They also like criticism because somebody is paying attention to them – and they thing they love best is talking about themselves – especially writer. – Try looking at facebook.

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  1. Tim September 9, 2017 at 10:44 am #

    Do you remember the film “Only two can Play”? As I recall, Peter Sellers was a successful ( now London) writer from South Wales. At a party back in the Valleys, he meets old schoolmate (Kenneth Griffin), now local librarian.

    PS – “Hullo. Still peddling trash to the Masses?”
    KG – “Oh yes” – PAUSE – “Still writing it?”

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