Brian Rix

20 Aug

AND NOW Brian Rix. We started a theatre in Kilburn/Maida Vale in the seventies called ‘The Broadway’. The theatre was haunted by a ghost who walked across the stage on his knees. The theatre had been built inside another, bigger theatre so the stage was higher up. The ghost was walking on the original stage. There was a door up to the Gods. The cleaners wouldn’t go up there, but it was fascinating. It had a strange sound like echoes of ghostly music and chorus singing. There must have been some explanation but we never found out – it was very interesting.
At the weekends it was used as a Bollywood Theatre. There were queues outside the theatre as we left on Saturday night and they were all locked in until Monday morning. At least that is what we ere told – but we never saw anybody go in or out once the movies had started.
Another plan he had was to use the Regent Theatre to do our shows, but we turned it down because there was no bar!!!
Then he became a Lord and concentrated on his campaign for mental health.

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