boys in the buff by Chris Burgess

14 Jul

Last night. Found the Lost Theatre – now happily to be called The Stockwell Playhouse. So this is the very last time for that joke.
The Stockwell Playhouse is a very well equipped theatre with a decent sized stage and well designed auditorium with good views from every seat.
The show was ‘Boys in the Buff (terrible title) a cabaret with four attractive young men and one divinely voluptuous young woman. A kind of male Windmill show with the men doing the stripping and the one girl who stayed dressed throughout and acted as narrator. The boys were well chosen with widely differing personalities. Two of them straight actors but they coped Ok with Sam Rayner’s cheeky, Bob Fosse style choreography. The script by Chris Burgess deals with body image and how it can obsess the ‘selfie’ mentality.
It was a happy, not at all intellectually demanding evening A kind of theatrical holiday enlightened by a performance from Tezza – a happily rotund member of the audience.

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