LORNA DALLAS at the Crazy Coqs

2 Jul

At the Crazy Coqs
‘You’ve still got it’ shouted one of the distinguished artists that made up the audience for this magical lady’s return to the UK. She began her set with ‘As If we never said Goodbye’ with special humorous lyrics written by her producer Barry Kleinbort. And she certainly had still got it. Twenty years ago, she made regular appearances on the West End Stage. One of the very best vocalist in the business. And I would say certainly the best soprano. She is a lovely warm hearted woman wrapped in turquoise satin with a tremendous vocal talent that can cover anything as she effortlessly goes from one style to another with apparent ease.
Her voice is a true operatic soprano and along with her acting talent and the kind of versatility that can wring your heart one minute and make you laugh at the next with her playful sense of humour, she creates an atmosphere of happiness. .
For me the most impressive of her talent is her presentation of Ivor Novello. This is a composer that I usually avoid because his numbers have been mutilated by many second rate sopranos. But after hearing Lorna with her thrilling voice and perfect diction gives a new impression of his work. The combination of You are Love and Look in my Heart is an amazing double that throbs with emotion and her final number is another from Novello My Life belongs to you.
Her personality is vibrant and unusual. She is still as beautiful as she was twenty years ago and her voice is probably even more powerful. She works mostly solo except on the one occasion when she duets with her accompanist, the hugely talented musical arrange Jason Carr.
Her show is quite short – only an hour and one is so sad when it finishes. I walked back through rain soaked Piccadilly cheered by her songs which still filled my head – and still do.
It is important to mention that she is doing only one more set at the Crazy Coqs on 4th July.
It would be advisable to book as soon as possible as this is a theatrical coup that should be experienced.

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