john Bucchino and friends

30 Jun

AT THE St James Studio 2013
John Bucchino is a charismatic and hugely talented multi award winning Broadway composer who writes songs about relationships.Some sentimental – some cynical – many of them heart breaking. The nearest thing we have these days to my particular hero, Lorenz Hart.
Bucchino’s songs have been recorded by Art Garfunkel, Liza Minnelli, Patti Lu Pone, Barbara Cook, Michael Feinstein – the list goes on. I know Michael Feinstein will not object to being quoted here. His songs are ‘continuing the evolution of classic American popular song’ You just have to read the titles of the songs to get that feeling of anticipation, knowing there is going to be something heartfelt – a universal emotional high. “That Smile”, “I miss you when you’re here”, “Contact High”, “Don’t ever stop saying I love you”, “I’ve learned to let things go”. The experiences of each song are so different but so acutely observed and recognisable to anyone who has ever been in love.
Last year I missed his performance when he appeared at the St James Studio to rapturous applause in his sell out concert – this year I was determined to be there to see his work performed by 10 established first class singers.
There are some highlights for me Jonny Barr sings ‘If I ever say I’m over you’ a song that drags the tears out of your heart. “One white dress” sung by Sophia Ragavelas – about a tomboy who is getting married and her reaction to her wedding dress is pure ecstasy. Matthew Barrow sings an up tempo number “Painting my kitchen” (many coats of colours). Danish singer causes gasps of admiration the minute he appears because of his handsome appearance – which is matched by the beauty of his singing voice.
John himself sings the most amusing song about his vengeance on an ex lover “On my bedside table”
A privilege to spend a Sunday afternoon with this enchanting man!
Performers include John Barr, Amelia Cormack, Sophia Ragavelas, Matthew Barrow, Ashley Robinson, Christian Lund, Phoebe Coupe, Linnea Stenbeck, Suzanna Kempner, Belinda Wollaston & Hila Plitman.

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