brief encounter

19 Feb

I’d met him years ago – he had been a lovely handsome young man with an overdose of charm. It was strange that he should come across to me in the pub and make friends with me again.

He had had a lot of success in show business and I was flattered that he sought me out. He bought me a drink and we sat together on the velvet banquette.

As we sat there I had the impression that people were looking over at us strangely. He asked if I would like him to walk home with me and I said that would be nice.

I remembered the past when we had been a little more than friends. As we walked along he said ‘kiss?’ and I felt happy and delighted – and surprised. I offered him my lips and was horrified to find that the kiss was horrible – really wet and I wondered if that was what it had always been like.

He seemed happy about it and suggested we called in another pub, so we did and sat down. I remembered he had always been fond of a drink and found it rather endearing that his habits had not changed.

Then he said ‘Have you got twenty pounds?’

I was very surprised. I knew I didn’t have a twenty pound note as I had just changed one

‘No I haven’t – but I might have something – I just changed the only twenty pounds I had in my purse’

To my surprise, he picked up my bag and took out my purse.

He found a ten pound note and a fiver

‘That’ll do’ he said and took it.

He ordered himself a drink and one for a friend who joined him at the bar.

I began to suspect not was all well

‘Are you going to pay me back?’

He looked at me with surprise

‘I don’t suppose so’ he said

He and the friend started a conversation

‘I’m going home’ I said at last.

They both said Goodbye very sweetly and carried on their conversation.

I walked home on my own.

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